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Auto Finance - Facts and Myths

MYTH! "I can get a better interest rate from my own bank."

On almost all of our new vehicles the available interest rates available are "sub-vented" or bought down by the manufacturer to attract your business. On pre-owned vehicles the dealer finance divisions of most major banks compete for our business, ensuring you the best rates possible. We are almost ALWAYS able to offer better interest rates than standard personal banking auto loans.

MYTH! "I can get a better deal if I pay cash"

Whether you finance or pay cash, the dealer gets the money for the car right away. It is of no concern to us whether you finance or pay cash. If anything we prefer you to finance through us as it streamlines the paperwork and ensures the money for your vehicle is coming to us from a major institution, and we receive a small fee from the banks for arranging the loan.

MYTH! "I have little or no credit, so financing is not an option."

We specialize in obtaining credit approvals for young or first time car buyers. An auto loan is an excellent way to begin establishing your credit history and to establish your reliability as a consumer for later bigger investments like a home mortgage.

MYTH! "I have had credit problems or bankruptcy in my past, so I'm out of luck"

We, and our lenders, know that bad things can happen to good people, and that everyone deserves a second chance. We have a dedicated special finance department that will work directly with you to get you into the vehicle you need at affordable terms and assist you in re-establishing and repairing a troubled credit past. Many, many customers have used our services to re-establish excellent credit and go on to financially successful lives.

MYTH! "New Cars or trucks are a bad investment. You lose thousands the day you drive them off the lot."

Our products right now are at an all-time low price point, and resale values of used are at an all-time high. The vast majority of people utilize some financial arrangement to purchase their vehicles. With lower available interest rates on new, longer and more flexible finance terms, long term warranties protecting you from repair costs, and unprecedented Manufacturer discounts and rebates it is more often than not LESS EXPENSIVE to buy new! Don't believe it? Come and let one of our specialists show you the true cost of ownership of your vehicle over a 5 year period.

FACT! "Bridge City has an entire team of Finance Managers and Specialists whose sole responsibility and concern is to assist our customers in getting the best possible financial arrangements for their vehicle investments."

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