Winter Tires VS Seasonal Tires

Winter Tires

  • Rubber designed to be flexible with deep treads to grip the road better
  • Increase maneuverability in snow
  • Not meant for warm temperatures
Perfect for temperatures below 7°C

Seasonal Tires

  • Increase grip, handling and stopping distance on wet and dry roads
  • Lasts longer in warm temperatures
  • Lower rolling resistance leads to better fuel economy
Perfect for temperatures above 7°C

When Do You Need New Tires?

The general rule for tread depth is that your tires should never be below 1.6 millimetres in depth. If you regularly drive on slick or wet roads, then you'll want tread at least 2.2 millimetres in depth in order to maintain good traction. A few other signs you need new tires are:

-Cracks in the sidewall
-Excessive tire vibration
-Bulges and blisters

Even if your existing tires don’t need to be replaced yet, you may need a new set for the winter months. Winter tires are best to switch to once the temperature drops below 7°C.

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